Silhouette Friendly

All vinyls in this section are still sewing and embroidery vinyls but have been cut with the silhouette. None of these of HTV! 

  • Butterfly Bliss
    Butterfly Bliss from $1.85
  • Cherry Shimmer
    Cherry Shimmer Out of stock
  • Pitch Shimmer (Black)
    Pitch Shimmer (Black) from $1.65
  • Diamond Dust Shimmer (white)
    Diamond Dust Shimmer (white) Out of stock
  • Platinum Shimmer
    Platinum Shimmer from $1.65
  • Red Matte
    Red Matte from $1.45
  • Clearance - Plump Purple
    Clearance - Plump Purple Out of stock SALE
  • Midnight Blue Shimmer
    Midnight Blue Shimmer from $1.65
  • Rainbow Bifrost
    Rainbow Bifrost from $1.85
  • Envy Shimmer
    Envy Shimmer from $1.65
  • Reign Shimmer
    Reign Shimmer from $1.65
  • Fairy Dust
    Fairy Dust Out of stock
  • White Matte
    White Matte Out of stock
  • Black Matte
    Black Matte Out of stock
  • Swanky Shimmer (Gold)
    Swanky Shimmer (Gold) from $1.65
  • Dew Drop
    Dew Drop from $1.95
  • Radiant Scales
    Radiant Scales from $1.95
  • Moxie Shimmer
    Moxie Shimmer from $1.65