Our Mattes are high quality and have been described by many as being the best and easy to use because "they cut like butter".
  • Black Matte
    Black Matte from $1.45
  • White Matte
    White Matte from $1.45
  • Yellow Matte
    Yellow Matte from $1.45
  • Bright Turquoise Matte
    Bright Turquoise Matte Out of stock
  • Green Matte
    Green Matte from $1.45
  • Brown Matte
    Brown Matte from $1.65
  • Red Matte
    Red Matte Out of stock
  • Cream Matte
    Cream Matte from $1.45
  • Harlequin Green Matte
    Harlequin Green Matte Out of stock
  • Blue Matte
    Blue Matte from $1.45
  • Cappuccino Matte
    Cappuccino Matte from $1.45
  • Pale Turquoise Matte
    Pale Turquoise Matte from $1.45
  • Honey Glow Matte
    Honey Glow Matte Out of stock
  • Light Pink Matte
    Light Pink Matte Out of stock
  • Orange Matte
    Orange Matte from $1.45
  • Lavender Matte
    Lavender Matte Out of stock
  • Gray Matte
    Gray Matte from $1.45
  • Avocado Matte
    Avocado Matte from $1.45